sr 009 lab - hatori yumi graphics

graphics for new stochastic resonance lab release - sr 009 lab

featuring music by hatori yumi and remixes by ynaktera, m.k.r., yoshitaka hikawa and myself. 

it’s been great to develop the artworks for a music personality such as hatori is.

audio recording from live  performance at radiolevano festival 2014 w/t ynaktera 

Next gigs at Radiolevano Ecofest

radiolevano ecofest is a free-entry, 4-days event held in a beautiful location in the wood of Parco Dell’Acqua Santa.
SR will be present with various artists. Personally I’ll be involved in a/v performances in the following dates: 

july 25th w/t ynaktera

july 28th w/t akamoi 


pictures from sr all day all stars - june 22nd at brancaleone, rome (it)

experimenting with quaternions